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Commercial Concrete

  New and Exciting Finishing Options for Commercial Concrete

Commercial concrete is more than just plain slab. Today, concrete contractors can finish commercial concrete installation in a variety of exciting ways, depending on the style that you want. If you're looking to elevate your next concrete pour, here are some ideas.

Stained Concrete

Staining is becoming exceptionally popular in both residential properties and commercial businesses. Stained concrete is hardy, durable, and attractive. You can get staining in any color, and it really brings out the attractive variations within the concrete. It's best used on newly poured concrete, as concrete with a lot of cracks, pitting, or other damage won't look as polished.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete can be stamped in many intricate designs, which gives it the look of carved stone. Stamped concrete is especially popular outside, where the texture of it makes it a little safer to walk on. It can also be used as edging designs, or designs around areas such as pools.

Polished Concrete

A high, polished surface can be applied to concrete, making it appear almost like natural stone. Polished concrete surfaces are now being used in sophisticated, elegant designs, as a way of elevating concrete while still maintaining its durability and strength.

Classic Concrete

There are many ways to finish classic concrete, from broom finishing to salt finishing, depending on how dramatic the appearance and the needs in the area. Broom finishing puts thin lines in the surface of the concrete, for better traction. Salt finishing leaves little pits in the concrete, again making it safer to walk on. These classic concrete finishes are easy and affordable to apply.

It's time to contact concrete contractors. At Myriad Builders LLC, we can show you a lot of different examples of stained, stamped, and other textured concrete, to help you make an informed decision. Contact us today for more information.

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