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Construction Management

  Turning Single-Family Homes Into Duplexes With the Right Construction Management

You could be trying to rent out an old single-family home, or maybe you're trying to turn a single-family home into a multi-generational home. Regardless, if the property is big enough, it is possible to turn it into a duplex. Construction management is critical: It's a complicated task. Here's what you need to know.

First: Is It Allowed in Your Area?

Your construction management company will first need to check on whether this type of construction is even allowed in your area. There are areas in which building duplexes or segregating existing buildings is prohibited, as the city wants to maintain a certain density, or the city is trying to avoid overproduction.

How Would It Be Separated?

Some homes are better suited to duplexes than others. For instance, if there's already an equal number of bedrooms and bathrooms on either side of the duplex, it may be a trivial process: You may just need to install another kitchen. On the other hand, if all the plumbing is on a single side of the property, it's going to be more involved and more expensive.

What Features Do You Want?

Do you need to add or remove bedrooms? Do you want to upgrade kitchens? Think about how you want the eventual duplexes to be. If you're going to be renting the properties out, you may need to upgrade them to be of the standards of the rental market in the area. That could include some luxury features like natural stone counters.

The best construction companies will be able to work with you from the beginning to end of your project to make it come to life. But finding the best construction companies isn't always easy. At Myriad Builders LLC, we can visit your site and consult with you on your next project. Contact us today to find out more.

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