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Tenant Improvement

  Some Great Commercial Tenant Improvements for Your New Mexico Building

If you're trying to bring in more tenants, you might want to consider some interesting tenant improvements. Commercial tenant improvements tend to be very competitive: If you want to bring in the best and most consistent tenants, you have to have the best building available. Here are some ideas for tenant improvement, ranging from the small to the big.

Build a Better HVAC

Sometimes it's just about comfort. If there are aging systems in your building, such as the HVAC system, now is the time to improve them. Repairs and maintenance should always come before wide, sweeping changes, or tenants may not feel as though they're being prioritized.

Common Cafeterias

Today, many buildings are providing common cafeterias for their commercial clientele. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. The commercial clientele no longer have to maintain their own break rooms, and the landlord gets income from the cafeteria. You can rent out the cafeteria to local restaurants if you don't want to manage it.

Green Spaces

Outside of your New Mexico building, consider creating drought-friendly green spaces, such as relaxing cactus gardens. These are areas in which workers are able to relax, eat lunch, or even hold meetings, and can do a lot for morale within the space. Many employers are looking for places their employees will truly feel at home, rather than places that may make them feel oppressed or stressed.

Not sure which tenant improvement you want to invest in? A commercial tenant improvement has to be able to deliver ROI; a commercial tenant improvement that doesn't is just going to be a waste of resources. Talk to Myriad Builders LLC today to find out how much these improvements would cost your business.

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